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8 channel multiplexer help

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I dont know if this is the right place to post this question. sorry for duplicated questions.


We are developing a land mobile robot (sort of an AGV).

our idea is to have an 8 channel sort of video processor, that combines several images from the robot near surroundings, aiding in remote navigation by an operator.

im tired of looking for a device who could combine several images into one which will be feed into our encoder for "real time" decoding on the remote control center by a dedicated decoder.


the problem im facing are:

-> as this is a mobile robot, size of the unit is a problem. probably the unit will have to be stripped from the box and HDD.

-> also i would like to configure layout of the resulting image (size and position of the different screens). for example front camera used for driving the robot remotly must have the bigger image (user must see to where the robot is going), folllowed by the lateral images.

my idea is to reprogram a unit of choice to have my layout. but the ideal option would be to have predefined layouts for some taks that would be called upon nedded.


Could anyone please help me. or guide me in some way? i have searched and searched over and over again.



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1. You can reduce the number of cameras by placing "FishEye"

2. Google "Panotools", where you can find some solution.

Good luck.

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Sunny Kim,


i have already wide angle lens.


not all the cameras are needed for navigatoin, some of them are for certain areas of interest.


i have checked the Panotools wiki and it seems more software than hardware. am i mistaken?


thanks for your time.

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Search Fisheye threads in this CCTV forum. And also google Fisheye image. You Fisheye warps up the video scenes more than wide angle camera. You may find the solution, at least a clue to it.

If you can not find the exact match to your application, you have to develop your own. Yes, you are correct. Panotools -lens correction- is the free software that you can start with for your own development. I did it my own one.

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