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Choosing CCTV Monitor with Correct Aspect Ratio

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Since Everfocus' tech support has not replied to me and does not answer their phones, I want to see if anyone can help me figure out an issue.


I have an Everfocus DVR model ECOR264-9x1. Using the "Main" video output from the DVR (a BNC connector), I have connected the DVR to my Sony 40" LCD TV (widescreen 1080p, etc.).


As expected the images from my security cameras are "chopped" around the outer edges. In other words, some of my camera field of view is reduced. I assume (???) this is because the aspect ratio of the output signal from the DVR does not match that of my widescreen TV video the standard composite/RCA video input on the back of the TV.


My question is this - I may buy a dedicated CCTV monitor (15" or 17"). How do I choose one which, with certainty, will display my camera images showing their FULL field of view without cropping them? Is this simply matter of choosing a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor?


Appreciate any guidance if you have experience and knowledge in this regard!


Have a great day!

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