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Cheap 4/8ch NVR onvif 2.0

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Has anyone tested onvif 2.0 mini nvr which can be purchased on aliexpress quite cheap?

Example link: http://www.plusbuyer.com/boxwatch-4-channel-hd-mini-nvr-with-esata-port-dual-stream-onvif-cloud-p2p-p-6003.html



I am wondering if this unit will be able to work with Hikvision ip cameras?


I am planning to buy Hikvision ip camera to monitor my garden and first I wanted to store my recordings on the network shre however because of the hikvision issues with NFS/CIFS storages I decided to buy this cheap NVR.

2'5 HDD will be attached via sata-esata cable.


Any suggestions/opinions?

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That's a junk.

100% of Chinese brand at Aliexpress and their delivery time is too long and it is impossible to return when system broken.because shipping charge is too much from U.S.A to China.

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I am from EU and do not mind waiting. I have ordered 8ch version for testing but I realized it has lower resolution on the sub stream than 4 channel one.

If it is working OK I may think about 4ch version.


I have emailed one of the producers of this unit and got the response. Software is being developed which is good. The problem is with motion detection when connectig different brands IPCams.


"For motion detection, not all IP brand can do with our nvr. Our NVR can can support them based on onvif protocol,

but as ip camera protocol different writing way with our nvr, some can do motion detection, some cannot.


For this problem, our solution is writing private protocol with IP camera, now we have write for almost 20 IP camera brand for private protocol."


Finally I have decided to buy Hikvision IP Cam and asked manufacturer of this mini NVR about motion detection for Hik but at the moment they do not support it.

Continuous recording will be OK.

Hopefully they will fix it with feature updates.

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Hello goabroad,


I have also this mini nvr, i am using 7links Robocams, the problem what i have is that i cannot connect them to the nvr because they are not found from the nvr even if i manually input the ip into the nvr.


Do you have a hot fix?


What ipcams are you using?


Thanks for the help.

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