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Lorex LNR280 frustrations! Anyone get audio to work on it?

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I attached a powered speaker to the audio-out port of the LNR280. Using the Lorex NetHD iPhone app on an iPhone 5 only about 10% of the time does the NVR play what I say into the phone. On my iPad running the Lorex netHd Plus app the audio never works, and I get a "Warning abnormal two-way audio" error message, and an occasional "insufficient memory" error. Overall I'd say the Lorex apps are crap and substard but the iPhone apps does transmit my audio about 10% of the time, so I have a little hope maybe it can work.


I contact Lorex "support" and as in my previous calls the rep was totally inept and had no idea what he was talking about. Every question I asked resulted in a hold for him to ask someone else. I was told that none of the audio features are enabled on the unit, and once they figure out how to enable audio, they will release a new firmware. Given that audio does work intermittently, it doesn't appear audio is disabled as reported by the support guy. He also said that there are no IP cameras with audio and if there was one that supported it, the NVR would not record audio. Forget that there is a button to enable audio recording in the recording options menu. It is grayed out but I assume it would activate if an audio enabled camera was connected.


So I'm left wondering what to do? Return the kit to Costco and get the Hikvision NVR and cameras that are not all screwed up with the Lorex firmware? But that will cost about an extra $600. For now I'd be happed to just get the 2-way audio to work. I'd really like to purchase a camera with audio.Curious if anyone has connected a camera with audio recording capability to this NVR and able to get it to work. Thanks!


Oh, and another problem I discovered it that when you check off the box in the live view menu to enable audio output, it turns off the HDMI port and you have to plug in an analog monitor to get video back. Tested that on both Lorex units I have and both went black. A real pain in the butt to go find an analog monitor to plug into the thing to get the display to work again.

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Try these other apps.


iVMS 4500 for iphone

iVMS 4500 HD for iPad


They are the original Hikvision apps and are the most updated ones, maybe they worked out the audio function on them.

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