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POE Switch Uplink?

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I'm new to POE and am unclear on how they work.

I have a Hikvision 8CH DS-7608NI-SE/4P (4 POE ports).

If I keep it I'll need another POE device for anything over 4 cameras.


1. Do all POE switch ports function as potential uplinks to my network?

Looking at the TRENDnet TPE-S44 Unmanaged Switch for example.


4 x 10/100Mbps Auto-MDIX POE Ports (1~4)

4 x 10/100Mbps Auto-MDIX Fast Ethernet Ports (5 ~8)


4 Port PoE Switch

Can anyone explain the difference between the 2 different types of ports?


Would a unit like this serve as well?



2. Running the Hikvision 3MP cams, will the POE switch need or benefit substantially from a gigabit POE switch or are the 10/100 switches okay?


3. I will most likely only need 1 or 2 cams attached through the POE switch.

Any recommendations on a reliable unit with bang for buck in mind?



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1) Yes they do, and no, the Ebay one is an *injector*, it's only for adding POE to an existing network. It'll do what you want, but it's messy and takes up space and uses up electricity/


You need a POE port for every POE device. I use 8 powered port switches to allow for expansion later, but if you know you'll never need more than 4 powered devices then a half/half would be fine.


Likewise, the camera probably can't push out a video feed more than, say, 6Mbits, so even at ten times that, 100Mbits on the switch ports would be fine.


*However*, planning ahead we assume that one day the gear will be removed, and it would be nice if it was still useful for something else, so I get these:




So whatever needs to be added later, can be.

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generally, there are 4/8/16/24/48 ports poe switches.

they will have 1 or 2 uplink port which is not poe ports.

because if you use the poe port for uplink, it`s a kind of waste.


first, you should check the power consumption of your powered devices, just like cctv.

there are 2 standards of poe switches, IEEE802.3af and 802.3at.

if you are not so sure, it`s better to choose the one which could be compliant with 802.3af and 802.3at.


according to your situation for only 1 or 2 powered devices will be connected to the poe switch, 4 ports poe switch with 1 uplink port is ok.


hope it is helpful to you.

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