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Request for solution for 16 Camera

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I have a situation, with 16 nos of camera and one 16 ch DVR.


the premise is a small commercial complex. with hotel and two office.


there is 8 Camera in hotel

and 4 each at two offices.

All these 16 have to come in the main office.


at the same time 7 of 8 cameras in hotel have to be displayed there itself. and these all have to be displayed at the main office at the same time.


No any computer can be used due to the procedure of switching off and on with it. and IP cameras are also not preferred here.


do some one give a solution.


can we find a solution with the help matrix switch?

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Well, to save on wiring nightmares I'd go with an 8 channel DVR at the hotel and two four channel DVRs in each of the offices. I'd make sure they are all capable of being accessed remotely via internet and then run a CAT6 from each building to the main office. Run those into a router and dedicate an inexpensive computer to the system. Run the 8 channel DVR to a regular monitor in the hotel office so the 8 can be watched locally. Run whatever software you need to have the three DVRs accessed simultaneously on the computer. You will use no internet as the system will be 100% local. You may have more money wrapped into the three DVRs but the fact that you wont need to run 8 separate RG59 cables from the hotel to the office and one back for video output will make up for it.



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You can use a multiplexer with loop throughs at the hotel. The multiplexer has monitor outs for local monitors.

The lines from the cameras would connect to the multiplexer then from the loop through a, the lines would go to the office's dvr.


Alternatively you can go with multiple DVRs, having an 8 channel at the hotel (with loop throughs) and a 16 channel at the office.

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