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Android remote viewing app

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New to servicing GeoVision, and I'm having issues with the mobile app. I've upgraded the DVR to 8.5.9 and have been trying the latest GVAView and GV-Eye apps for Android (the latter at the suggestion of tech support after the upgrade). No matter which port I put in my apps to connect (8080, 8866, 10000, 56000, just to name the ones I can recall off the top of my head), and cannot connect. I have connected my phone to the same network, to make sure I can do it without the network firewall in the way, but I have to be missing something. Any tips or suggestions? Which port should I be trying to connect to? None of what are listed in the settings seem to work.

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For GV-Aview/ Iview (connect to DVR/ NVR)


1. On the DVR/NVR.

Please go to the Network button > webcam server. under the Server tab make sure the Run GeoHTTP Server option is checkmarked. make sure the Mobile tab is checkmarked too. and also make sure under the JPG tab that the Create JPEG/GIF file(s) option is checkmarked, then click OK so that the word Web shows up in the blue bar to the right of the software.


2. then make sure that your ports 80 4550 5550 8866 (for live view) and 5552 5511 (for playback) are open if you intend to do remote viewing and playback


3. please make sure the number of characters in the password needs to be equal or greater than the number of characters in the username



The default port on login page of GV-aview/ iview is using 8866 (mobile port)



For GV-Eye. (connect to camera directly)

Make sure you have open "vss port" of camera.

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I was having trouble connecting to through the Andriod app.


Changing the password to be longer then the user name is what I was missing.


Thank you Post

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