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Need Nanny cam devices with less/No wires & below 10K budget

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i am new to this forum & new mom as well as from India...


i want to setup nanny cam inside of corner light lamp in my hall. but i searched a lot & finding lot of DVR & cameras so on...which required lot of power connections & cables in b/w them. My specifications are...

1. looking for portable camera & portable DVR which will fit into big lamp or big teddy bear.

2. DVR should able to access internet through internet data card or through TATA Photon devices.

3. should transfer live videos to mobile through internet.

4. i can supply only one power connection through lamp. so don't want multiple power connections to camera & DVR & internet connections..

4. finally expecting good quality of video & audio recording cum transferring.



please suggest devices which will satisfy my needs. i want to spend at max of 10K around.

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Is your idea of using big lamp/big teddy bear to ensure discrete surveillance? as in spycam?

if yes, then regular cameras in india (i presume these are the ones you have researched) are big enough & they will scream their presence.. and most DVRs are big enough as well..

why dont you try D-Link cams? but they are not discrete, they are wifi enabled (hence no need for photon card)..they will use just one single power cable too... other brands are available as well but i have got bad results when i tested them. let me know if you need more info.

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