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Advice on a good security camera system

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Hello All,

I would appreciate any and all advice here.

I am planning on installing a new camera system but I'm not sure whats good out there since I have little experience with security systems. I'm very tech-savy so I can figure out anything I can install everything.

I would like an 8 channel system with at least 4 cameras included. Good quality. I was looking at the HD IP systems. But like I said, I don't know much about security cameras. I will be installing them outside to monitor a part of my street, driveway and doors. I preferably would like clear picture, but I know that comes with a price. I will most likely buy additional "high-quality" cameras at a later time. So I would want there to be no issues to connect those cameras to the system I buy.


Which cameras would you recommend that would be good at night with limited light?

I saw people on the forums recommend a Swann 8 channel 2 TB HD NVR System from Costco. Is it any good? Which is better Swann? Q-See? Lorex? Something else?

I would like recommendations on a good system, whatever it would be. Also, if you could recommend a 8 Channel 4 Camera HD system for around $1000 or less.


Thank You

Any help is appreciated!

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This question has been asked hundreds of times this year. Why not read through the many topics which address your question so that you will receive all of the experience and all of the wisdom which has been posted to these many topics instead of settling for the 2 to 14 replies which your new topic will elicit?

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