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is that all?

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Hi there, i have some questions about quality of the videos.

I started half a year ago with survilance systems. First i bought a Samsung SDE-3001 system with two cameras each had 520TVL. I installed it on a table and tested it. The cameras had no zoom lens, so it was not ok for me.

Then i bought an used eneo dlr1.2_04 DVR which can record up to 704 x 576 pixels, and set all possible settings to "very high".

I bought 3 cameras VO-IRC56-2811TDN,

1/3" SONY CCD, 600L. DSP colorcamera, 600/700 TVL (color/bw), lens: 2.8-11mm.

Below you can see the output




The quality what i get is not what i expect. If you would have this on a TV you would throw that out of the window.

Everything else works perfect.

Before i invest more mony into this i thought i ask you experts.

I think of switching to IP cameras with 2MP.

Do you thing this is enought ore must i go to 5MP? But the bigger the resolution the harder the NVR has to work. In my environment most of the time only one or two cameras are working at the same time.

Has anyone expirience whit NVRs which can deliver the same functionality as the eneo dlr1.2_04 for a reasonable price?

Are there any suggestions you can give me?


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Don't feel bad. We've all been there. We all start out with something small and then expand or just start from scratch now that you've got your feet wet. Even by jumping up to 2MP will make a world of difference!

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First of all what are you trying to capture? are you wanting to capture just normal areas or trying to capture licenses plates or just a general overview with a really nice resolution. How many cameras?

If you want good cameras, i recommend you going IP with 3MP Hikvision cameras and NVR.


Go with :

DS-7604NI OR DS-7608NI depending on how many cameras you need




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Actually for a low end analog system, that is not bad, I have seen worse, a lot worse and people think their systems are great, until I show them mine and their jaws drop


I agree, go with 3MP or even 1.3MP Hikvision stuff, I have those cameras and they are the best bang for the buck.

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