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Looking for alternative dealers

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Hey all,


I am trying to find some different dealers other than the dealer I have been using, ADI global.


Can anyone recommend any dealers you have used personally and can highly rate? Im looking for good prices, and great customer service. (Im willing to pay a little more per camera etc. for quality service and fast shipping times.) I have been mainly using IP cameras, but I do a lot of access control so finding a dealer that sells Aiphone, Rosslare, etc. would also be helpful.


All opinions are appreciated!





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I like Tri-Ed more than ADI. They tend to have shipping issues sometimes though. The dealer I use whenever I can is one who I can't mention in the forum. It's a shame because their customer service is second to none but they only carry Dahua and Hikvision.

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Not much point in recommending a supplier in the UK if you are in Alaska, is there?


WHERE ARE YOU, and TRADE OR RETAIL? GOOD Trade suppliers won't supply you unless you can show you really are trade

some suppliers will sell to just about anybody that has money. The latter tend to have useless A/S/Tech service and delivery and whats more their returns policy is usually non existent. Give such sheisters a WIDE berth. (No names mentioned)

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