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Like to intro myself

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My name is Charles from Honolulu Hawaii.

I have worked in the Telecommunications industry for 20 Plus years and I'm thinking of transitioning to the Security surveillance world.

(Trying to be my own 2x BOSS)

I, also own an PC gaming / Internet cafe (Axesspoint)

I have done 2 DVR systems. One for my cafe which was a tiny thing (3) IR cam's and a Digicam 120fps card. The second was for my friend that owns an Import High Performance shop. This one was setup with a GEO_GV800 and (3) Sony box cam's + (1) IR. Soon to install a couple of mini domes in some non-critical areas.


Not much more to say for now. Other than I hope not to be to much of a pest on the forum with my countless questions.



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Welcome to the forum!


Here you'll find a ton of info relating to the CCTV world.


Don't be shy to ask a question, there is a lot of experience in this forum. If you're looking for an answer, you're sure to find it here and usually can get answers fairly quickly and from different experience levels.


As they say, "there are many ways to skin a cat" LOL



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