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connect NVR attached router to WAN router

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Hello all,


I installed an 8 camera IP system at a clients office building. Currently it is set up as a fully closed network, with its own router that is not connected to the internet, or to the office's network.


Client requests Remote viewing for cameras, and I know that I will have to connect the camera system's router to their office router, which has internet access.


Can someone give me a step by step guide on how to do this?


Lets say that Router 1 is the office router, and Router 2 is the camera router.

- Router 2 connects to Router 1 via ethernet from LAN port on router 1 to LAN port on router 2.

- Sign up for DDNS for Router 1 (ISP provides dynamic IPs, not sure of refresh and renewal schedule)


Then do I assign router 2 an IP address on the same subnet as Router 1?


Currently I have Router 2 and all cameras connected to it on static IPS, on 192.168.1.xxx addressing scheme.


I really dont want to mess up their network at all, so the easiest and fastet way to do it is probably the best way for this install.



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Hi. How have you connected to 8 port router ?



Before you do anything about DDNS first you need to talk to your customer.


Work with there IT people


But I would change router 2 with a switch

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6 cameras are connected through Ubiquiti Nanostations. I only have one connection into router from cameras, and then to NVR through LAN ports on router.


I dont think I can use a switch because of using wireless over AP.

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