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Need some info on Audio for Axis P33 series

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I have put a bunch of these up but never done any audio, Im using the exacq edge software and am looking at trying the T8351 microphone, this will be for a classroom.

Will this mic work OK? Its msrp is 150 there other mic is 450.

Also Can anybody recommend a speaker as well.


Thanks in advance

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This is my favorite.




All of a buck-fifty when I got it. I use it on an outdoor Toshiba and the sensitivity is excellent. Yeah, discontinued it says. More $ does not mean better performance for this application (IP camera). I've tried others but nothing picks up more than that. The thing is, you can't just use any mic-camera combo, so prepare to experiment. I would not put out $150 for a mic for any sort of IP camera. Could have gotten 150 of those Labtecs for that.


Good luck on the speaker out. For that, bigger (speaker) is better. You'll want it amplified (a couple of real watts of output power is plenty for a short wire distance). Anything small is just going to be too hard to understand. And it might still be.

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