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help! setting 15 Ip camera's to record interviews in booths

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Hi all I could not find where to start a new stream for posting so trying here

I am a Television broadcast producer/ cameraman In southern Africa

A client wants 15 cameras each placed in 15 separate booths with sound (using an Amplified mic) to record interviews. client requirement no camera operators

So I thought 15 x IP cameras would do the job in this application and it’s not for live web cast casting or broadcast but must be good quality .

each camera then would record separate files to a PC. I then need to export each clip to avi so it can play on a windows media player.

This system will be set up in one location with in a close network .


I am looking at using the Dahua 3 Mp HF-w5300cp ( due to manual zoom and good lens)

looking at Recording and controlling on Blue iris software Ideally I would like some control on audio levels blue iris only has a gain control


Does anybody have any alternative system set up or Camera controlling software

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