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DAHUA Recording to FTP Server

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Hi All


I'm busy testing with a Dahua DH-NVR4432,DH-DVR1604-HF-A and a DH-DVR5108H to record to a FTP server that I'v set up on a TP-Link Model No. TD-W8968,I have set the TP-Link like attached



the NVR/DVR I have set like this and it gets communication




The application is to record to a portable HDD on the TP-Link as a back up recording if the NVR/DVR gets stolen, its similar to a NAS drive or a ftp server on a PC just allot cheaper if I can get it to work


I am testing with a 4GB USB at the moment don't know if that will make a difference, I can access the usb from any pc on the network, the NVR and DVR's are also connected on the network and configured, the only thing i am not sure about is the Directory that I should use, I have created a file called "test" on the USB, the schedule and recording has been set, however still no luck usb is remaining empty no files or even snap shots


What am I missing?your help will be appreciated






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hai i all..i try to backup my nvr brand dahua by using ftp to my pc..everything is ok the transfer data to my pc using FTP is working but the problem is the data is no actual time for example i start ftp on 13hb oct but the data transfer is 10th oct..for your information i already check date and time at NVR is up to date..is it i have missing some configuration?

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