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Best Cameras for a D1/4CIF based system

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Im relatively knew to CCTV systems so forgive me if i sound a little uneducated on the topic, anyway i have a 5 camera system all running at the highest quality settings at 12 FPS and 4cif resolution. I don't know anything about the quality of the cameras although they are not very detailed they easily pick up number plates, faces etc.


However one of the cameras is a dome one and the quality of it is absolutely ****e to the point where it can barely pickup a number plate unless within 3-4m distance of it making it pointless in that respect.


Now i don't feel the need to splash out on a new set of hd cameras and hd dvr however i do feel the need to change the dome camera as by the looks of it it also appears to be rather old and dated. Now the system is currently running at 4CIF and not D1 due to there being more than 2 cameras according to the manual so my question is that is there a cutoff line in terms of camera TVL on a 4CIF resolution from when on a higher TVL wont be beneficial to the low 4cif resolution? if so what is this TVL cutoff?



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All the cameras(NTSC, or PAL) can be recorded as D1 or WD1 or 960H. Your DVR or your PC based capture board seem to be very old as it can only support up to CIF. If you like to keep cameras, you are to replace your currrent DVR. Check out 4Ch X 30FPS each chanel X D1 or WD1 or 960H.

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