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Real Time Multiplexer

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Hello all,


I have a customer who has a PC based DVR / 16 camera's / a 9 channel multiplexer. he uses the multiplexer so that he can see all 9 channels up at the front counter so his employees can keep watch on the store. The DVR does not offer the option of a multiplexed output. The problem is he is not satisifed with the "choppiness" when on the 9 camera view. All the mux's I've been looking at seem to be 60fps or less. At nine camera's that's only 6.5 or so fps.


Anyone give me a heads of on a real time unit?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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last i checked 4 and 9 camera view on the GE mux is real time, but I can check again next few days.

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