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Dahua NVR 5208P problems with HDD

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Some time ago I installed a complete system with some camera's and a Dahua NVR 5208P to record everything.

I installed a Constellation ES.2, 3 TB HDD.


I set up the system and got it running perfect, now after a month or 3 - 4 I noticed that the nvr was giving a signal, I checked and noticed that it was not recording anymore. When I went to the HDD the system could not find any Hard disk ???


I reset the system and it saw the HDD again and recorder again, only to have the same problem a couple of day's later.

I ordered another HDD thinking that it was malfunctioning and again it recorded ok for a while and then the same problem came back.


I contacted the factory but since I bought the nvr not in my country they refuse to help me....


Is there anybody that can help me as the only solution I see now is buying a new nvr localy (


If it helps I can put a screenshot of the log on here



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The problem is either your HDD or PSU for the DVR, try testing your HDD with a HDD Tool , I would recommend HDD-Tune Pro if there is any faults you will need to replace it, I would recommend with a SV HDD, it can also be your PSU not pushing enough AMPs try a different PSU with same Voltage and same or higher am page also format your HDD in the DVR.



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Thank you for the info, I will check out the HDD's, and see if I can find a different power supply for it and format the disk inside the nvr.


I'll get back with the results.

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After formatting the HDD in the NVR itself, it's been working without a problem.


Thanks for the info

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