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Zmodo DVR-H9104UV Default Password?

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Need the DVR-9104UH Default Username/Password


Have acquired the above model, but the software resembles that of the 9000 series, with the initial vertical menu window.. Clicking on the "Menu" brings up the username/password window. Have reset the main board (DM-70D) and need the default password. Have tried, 111111, 666666, 888888, 123456, 000000, 1234,12345, 4321, 0000, 1111 and "blank".


The bottom sticker numbers are:





But, the software is not of the 9100 series.




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Finally figured it out, but won't post it! Also noted, that on the Zmodo website there is no "main" manual. Just supplements for CMS, etc. I have a main manual though in .pdf.

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Posting as this was the highest post under Zmodo's website so hopefully this doesn't violate the terms on this website that I didn't read and will be deleting the account and might save someone 2 hours of searching.


Q: I have changed the password but do not remember the new password. How can I access the system?

A: If you forget the system password, enter 519070 into the password field to reset the password.

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