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Using a ip camera as a weather camera

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I would like to use a ip camera to interface with weather station software. It seems that the web interface that is built into the ip camera doesn't "want to play" with the weather software. I am not sure if it is the third party trying to logon or what.

Is it possible to access the video in a different manner, such as without using the onboard web interface?


It seems to be a decent cam, wireless and weather-proof. Although it doesn't have any memory on-board to save video, the weather station software has some ip cam features that may be useful if I can access the video other than through the camera's web interface.


I am new to ip camera usage. Maybe going hard-wired is a better idea than wireless?


Looking for information and knowledge.




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The software is Weather-Display.


The particular camera is: DBPOWER H.264 1080P Waterproof Outdoor Security Bullet IP Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection & Alarm Push, Remote View Via Phone/Tablet/PC


A search for that description on Amazon will give you more information about the camera.

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I like what you have done. However I am using Weather-Display not Weather-Display Live. I do not have a web page...I upload to Weather Underground and am currently using a USB camera to do the job. I would like to produce better quality images to upload to Weather Underground.


I think what I am asking is:


Is there a way to extract raw streaming video from the ip camera as opposed to logging into the camera and using the web page that comes up to view video. Do you always need a separate interface to view video from a ip camera?



I think I am explaining my goal sufficiently, if not please let me know and I will try to explain better.

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Yes I have and I think that may be where the problem lies. I can enter the username and password but the weather display program can't seem to login.

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