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Help required to setup hikvision dvr to be viewed remotely

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I am from India.

I am trying to configure my DVR so that I can view it from anywhere in the world remotely.

I have a Hikvision DVR at home model: HVCDS7104HGHIE1.

I have connected a straight type cat6 cable from DVR to my WiFi router which is Dlink DIR-600.

The WiFi router is further connected to Dlink DSL-2720u adsl modem.

I created a device name on www.hik-online.com, I entered serial number so that it can detect the DVR being online.

I also entered customized static IP 192.168.1.* in DVR and forwarded port number 81, 8000 and the rtsp port on my Router(port forwarding) and modem (virtual server) using the above static IP. I changed the HTTP port to 81 on the DVR.

Now when I enter the ddns address on my mobile or any other pc, google chrome says "ERROR_Connection_refused".

and when I type ddns address in the browser, it redirects me to some random dynamic IP and gives the above error.

I have BSNL Broadband.

Can any one please help me with where am I going wrong?

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Sorry I just copy pasted from the invoice.

Its Hikvision DS-7108HGHI-E1


When setting up ddns, do I also require to setup Static IP? and vice versa. or are they both different?

I didnt try accessing with the static IP, I'll try and get back to you in an hr.


Setting up CP Plus DVR was easy at another place. I am a dealer, who is on the starting point of this cctv business. Still learning the basics.

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I can connect locally via 192.168.0.*:81 I am able to connect to this IP using a PC in the same network. However, I am unable to access it from outside the network. When I try to connect externally, i point browser to www.hik-online.com/{domainID}

it says redirecting and then the browser address bar shows a dynamically generated ip with port 81. Chrome then shows error: ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I dont know whats going wrong. Can anyone please help?

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Check the DVR's UPNP NAT Assignment.

Check if it's set to auto, it could auto assign another port instead of the port u set and use that auto assign port to update the HIKVISION device domain.


Other than that, it could be your broadband service provider is routing all traffic through a proxy server, or using an invisible proxy.

Or it could be there are assigning internal IP and using a main gateway out. Check the class of ip you are assigned.


You could use http://checkip.dyndns.com and http://checkip.dyndns.com:8245 to check.

They should show the same IP. If it doesn't, that means your service provider route http traffic through a proxy.


If both shows the same IP and it's not a public ip, e.g. 192.168.XXX.XXX or 10.X.X.X or 172.16.X.X, then you can't use this internet connection for a server.



In that case, use the HIKVISION P2P EZVIZ function. It'll bypass the private IP issues. I don't like it cause it's a security risk and also depends fully on manufacturer's server and speed might be affected. But it's a solution to bypass your internet connection limitation.

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