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What is causing this interference????

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Hi, hopefully someone more experienced can assist...

I have a Hikvision DVR with four 1080p TVI dome cameras. Three are perfect but one has about 12 wavy lines particularly noticeable at night. Here's what I have tried:


Swapped over two cameras - problem is not with the camera

Swapped inputs at the DVR - problem is not with the DVR

Tried different PSU's both regulated and switch mode

Tried a higher quality heavier cable (20M pre-made combined power and video)


There's nothing in the area or along the cable route (electrical) that I can see that would be causing the problem. I've attached a screenshot if this helps.


Thanks in advance.



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Seems to be a parasite signal along your camera power input. If you are absolutely sure all cameras work fine with the power supply, and all power supply work fine with other cameras, and also all cables used have same issue, maybe the problem is a metallic support of the camera touching other metallic parts of the wall/support. Try connecting the camera on a short cable

(1-2m) near the dvr. If image is clear, use the long cable, but keep the camera near the dvr also. If still clear image, move the camera under it's current position and at the end try to mount it back.


It would also be a good idea to check if the image is distorted ONLY during the night, where the power needed by the camera increases.

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