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Advice on system purchase

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I'm looking for a CCTV system for home, and I've tried to read a lot of posts and product reviews to educate myself. I definitely want an IP system with PoE, 16 channel NVR, and 8 3MP cameras to start with (likely 12 or 13 cameras when complete). Image quality and reliability are more important to me than price, within reason. The mobile app definitely has to be solid. Night vision in low level light should be good as well.


I checked systems from Costco like the Q-See, Swann and AvertX. While some people give them 5 stars, it seems that more experienced people stear away from those.

Then I came across Security Camera Warehouse. They seem to talk a good game on their site, explain everything and what makes their systems better. Plus the vast majority of the reviews are positive - 4.8 out of 5 on ShopperApproved. Thoughts on this company?


If I skip the big box store systems and go for something higher level, what companies are the next level?


I'm an IT professional, so I'm not worried about dealing with any technical issues.


Thank you

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Check out the hikvision and dahua websites .

Both companies make excellent quality equipment.

I would find a local supply house that is an authorized

reseller of these brands .you can see the products there ,

Ask questions , get professional advice , and easy returns .

Isn't that what we all want from an investment like this !

the real stuff is worth the minimal added expense .


Ip systems tend to be pricey for the average Joe.

If you find these ip systems are more than you want

to spend and you can settle for 2mp 1080p camera's,

Then the same 2 manufacturers make hd-tvi & hd-cvi

Systems that are considerably less expensive and give

you a big bang for your buck !


I would stay away from the all in one box systems

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