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CCTV Viewing issue.

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Firstly thank you for being allowed to post on the forum and I am really hoping somebody can help me resolve my issue.


I have applied and been given some footage from a major supermarket. However 4 copies later I am still having the same issues viewing it.


Though I am able to view most of the footage when it comes to the point that I need the footage seems to stick. Though the timers still working my footage seems to stick for 7 seconds.


I am just wondering if there's any way I can get this to work fully on my laptop.


I apologize in advance because I am not the greatest with technology.


Many Thanks

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Find out what brand of CCTV video recorder they are using, then go to THAT company's web site and download their viewer.


And/or call that company for help.


Your police department may have a person who is knowledgeable about viewing various formats.


You can also post the file name of the video you are looking at here and ask which is the best viewer to watch it.


For example a video file may be called...





Sometimes a player is included with the video files. My be called "play.exe" or something similar.


And note that there may be several files over a period of time. Like at midnight, the video recording may begin with a new file.

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