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Does anyone know of a way to speed up the video (.AVI) cover

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I have been building these systems for a couple of years now, using them in our restaurants as a nice 16 or 32 channel system. We have recently built a 16 channel IP Cam system that works super, but when we need to export video from the system, it takes hours. I know that many of the systems that I have built recently have Core i7 cpu's but the software only utilizes one of the cores for the processing. When I try to use handbrake or other conversion programs, it can't read the file correctly to make the correct conversion. Anyone have any great ideas to convert these video files in to another playable format? For example, I had to convert an hour's worth of video for one IP camera, and it took the better part of 24 hours to do the conversion.


Anyone with any ideas would be appreciated!

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