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Farmer Ted

CCTV Help for a Remote Farm

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I'm looking at beefing up security at a remote farm where we have to keep some machinery. So far I've upgraded the padlocks and tidied up some failings in the building structure.


I'm considering using a UV Pen and a stamping die to put our details onto the machinery


As an aside to this I would like to incorporate a CCTV system which would alert me to any activity inside the shed or out in the yard - whichever is easier. I'll be contacting my insurance company to see if they have any preferred CCTV systems.


My concern is that I've been told that thieves now are using jammers to block the effect of any security system that alerts owners.


I would like to know what type of system I could opt for and if it could be made robust against jammers.


I've been looking at http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/swann-outback-12-megapixel-photo-wildlife-pet-cctv-security-camera-recorder-swvid-obc140-gl/version.asp as a possibility as a back up for a CCTV, but I really would like something that can inform me of an event in progress.


*Sorry - can't get link to work.


Is the use of signal blockers by thieves a distinct possibility/reality?


Any recommendations on a system and its potential cost?


I'd only be looking 1-2 cameras and some way of sending an alert to mobile phone(s).

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There are services which can monitor whichever camera you install (as long as it connected to the internet) and let you know when/if they lose the connection. Notifications are via push notification, sms or even automated phone calls.

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