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Installer will be throwing camera cables over roof

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I did try to search the forum but could not find anything.


I will be getting a swann system installed, with 4 cameras, 2 for the back and 2 at the front.


Installer said best way to do it is to take all 4 cables out the back from the same point (as DVR will be in the upstairs room at the back of house) and then run the 2 cables for the back 2 cameras at the back along the outside wall and for the front 2 cameras, just throw the cables over the roof to the front of the house.


Is that ok to throw over the roof? Cables seem quite thin and I told him there will be no protection from rain or wind on the roof, and cables scraping over roof tiles will wear them out. He said everyone does it like that.


Seems wrong to me. Is that really how most people will do it? If not what can I say to him to convince him otherwise?

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Hi. No it's not the right way for doing it.

It sounds like your installer is just using a DIY kit .... The cables are thin and should not be used.


Plus you are talking about analog .... Look at IP system or at least cvi or tvi

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