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Avigilon Folder Properties / Major Performance Issue

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Today, with the help of Avigilon technical support, I discovered why my client computer was having performance issues. One of the folders in the path C:/ProgramData/Avigilon/Client/Nodes/Nodes did not have the Modify property set. As a result, 1,700,000 .tmp files (yes, 1.7 million files) were created in one folder and were never deleted. As you may be aware, that many files in a folder causes major performance problems for Windows. It took me a couple of hours just to delete all of them. Now, performance has improved considerably, and the Avigilon client is more stable.


I wanted to document this issue in the event that someone else encounters this problem.




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Share on other sites Note that the problem is on the client, not the server.


That is a old version of 5.10. I would recommend getting the latest build from Avigilon and upgrading your server and client.

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