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DVR monitoring from android device

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How can I monitoring old DVR (Tyam tm-8208, MB model dvr-8216) from android phone?

For windows there is application DvrMaster v1.72 and v1.83 and CMSViewer and works fine.


Portscan find these open ports:

23/tcp    open          telnet
24/tcp    open          priv-mail?
80/tcp    open          http         Boa HTTPd 0.94.13
113/tcp  open          http         Boa HTTPd 0.94.13

158/udp   open|filtered pcmail-srv
1214/udp  open|filtered fasttrack
1719/udp  open|filtered h323gatestat
4008/udp  open|filtered netcheque
16711/udp open|filtered unknown
16947/udp open|filtered unknown
19222/udp open|filtered unknown
21556/udp open|filtered unknown
29078/udp open|filtered unknown
32769/udp open|filtered filenet-rpc
34580/udp open|filtered unknown
58002/udp open|filtered unknown

MAC Address: 00:05:B0:xx:xx:xx (Korea Computer Technology)


On DVR only port 113 is user changeable.

port 23 is for telnet, and i have not user/password for telnet

telnet login page


stand-alone DVR application
       copyright (c) 2008. SYSTEC - A
       Model       :  0x51, SD2008M
       Company     :  0x07, unknown
       Version     :  4.0.7
       Build Date  :  Sep  5 2008
       Build Time  :  15:11:34
       VideoType   :  PAL
       DEBUG MODE  :  OFF
+------------------------------------- login: 

ports 80 and 113 is web serrver and starts activex install/open DvrMaster v1.7.2 software.

port 24 is mistery (DVRmaster application works with firewall closed port 24)


I tried some android app (asee, meye) but with no success.

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I found



The aDvrMaster is an application for managing your DVR and Video Server.

You can see the screen of DVR monitor at your android display and easily set your home DVR from your android phone.

- Supports up to 16 camera stream

- Supports Terminal mode.

- Realtime frame rate (up to 30fps) support.

- Three quality levels for available bandwidth.

- Pantilt control (up, down, left, right, zoom, focus)


with very similar menus, but it didnt work too



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Hi. You can't turn old systems into new.


Your system is too old made before the days of apple and android.


Symbian Java ... Would of been the remote viewer

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