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Hikvision camera's not working on switch, but work on router

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I am new to this forum. I have installed many analog and IP cameras professionally but I worked with a IT expert and he did most of the networking. Now I am installing four DS-2CD2145F-IS gray market Hikvision cameras at my home and I cannot get more then one to show up on my un-managed switch (netgear FS116) they all show up fine if I replace the switch with a router, they work fine on the switch individually. My former coworker is 4,000 miles away, so I thought I would try the forum.


I have them set with static IP's - that much I know.

The subnet mask appears to be correct for my network.

Using HTTP port 80 and server port 8000 for all four cams.

I have checked using Hikvision's SADP tool and iVMS-4200 - same problem with both.

I did a "arp -a" cmd ping on the network, it confirms that it sees the cameras on the router but not on the switch.

I tried a different switch with the same results.

I confirmed that my router does not have a firewall that would block the cams - and if it was something hidden I would think it would affect it with either a switch or router.


I am pulling my hair out, I have been at this for 8 hrs and have current security threat that I need to be monitoring, not messing around with the network.


I suspect it is something obvious that I am just completely missing.


Please let me know if you have any ideas?

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Does your router have progtammable ports ? I do not know if their is even such a thing. Have you checked patch cables between the router and switch? Do you have a pc or other device that is working off a separate switch and have you tried plugging into that switch to see if it works then

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