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Need ability to monitor my gate

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Must have placed this in the wqrong section last week, no responnse


Noob here when it comes to security cameras. In the USA, my home has a security system that I pay a monthly fee... here in Panama I want something simple and less costly.


please help with advise if you can


I have a security gate to my home. The current arrangement is with one camera and a monitor, a Lorex WL 2900 system. Well that system appears to be failing... power to the camera but picture on monitor goes from VERY grainy to no picture with grey screen. I think this system is toast... all I want for this set up is a wireless camera with an associated monitor that can be viewed from the house. The distance is about 150 feet. I don't need to record, I don't need audio...just a way to view the gate.


Is there a company other than Lorex?


With a camera, what do I need at the other end as a monitor?

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go on amazon and type in "wireless camera with monitor" and you get all kinds of options. Never used a system like this so I cant recommend one.

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I'm assuming you have a computer where the monitor is?


Instead of the home depot VGA low res camera i think you'd be much happier with a low cost 3 or 4megapixel camera and a regular wireless setup.

You can get a Hikvision or LTS 4MP IP Camera from a dealer or even amazon for about $140

then get a Ubiquiti NSM5 Wireless radio along with the Loco M5 which you can buy all together from a dealer or amazon for $165 roughly and you're done.

The NSM5 has a secondary ethernet port to power the camera up and now you have a day/night 4 megapixel camera looking at your gate.

It will require a computer with monitor though in the house. There is even free software from the camera mfg. you could download and load on the computer to live view

your camera or just use the camera's web interface.

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