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Hi from new member. Looking for advice.

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Hello all, Ive been doing IT and AV for a few years now and have dabbled a bit in CCTV, anyway had a customer junking a bunch of old equipment. I got myself some DVRs and cameras out of it, and a bunch of computers that I've been working on. I wanted to see if I could get one of them to work for my home. So here is what i know about the device, no identifiable marking on it except the model/serial sticker, it boots up just fine, I can see the camera image. Boot splash screen says H.264 DVR. Its an 8 Channel with a Samsung disk drive, not sure of the model. Mouse functionality works, I do not have a remote. When I double left click i get the Login window, it says User Name: admin Password: (blank). I attempted to google for passwords but have not had luck. Please help. Thanks.

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