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Hello from SoCal

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I set up a wireless network on a rural property. So I have an internet connection and send it to the other houses. Works good.


Security camera's seem really nice now days so thinking about getting into that.


Need IP camera course for dummies!


Couldn't find FAQ in computers and networking.


Need to figure out what sort of camera's and software to get to have live view and motion recording with PC windows.


Nice site!

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Hello and welcome ,


All or todays dvr's , hvr's , and nvr's will provide everything you are looking for so you can use any of todays hi definition formats .network cam's offer the highest resolution available but at a much higher price .if you have a low to moderate budget ,look for hd-tvi or hd-cvi format cams and recorders .the image quality is very good and are much more budget friendly .

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Thanks for replying!




I was wanting to make a system that used the computer to record with.


I can have a wired camera on the building I live in then 2-3 out on the property.


The wired one I want to have pan tilt, the others can be bullet fixed cams.


I think I shouldn't have anything less than 3MB. Maybe my network would support hi res streaming, have to try that and see.


Thinking Blue Iris...

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