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Avermedia nv6000. Cameras showing green screen! HELP!! ASAP!

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[/b][/b]Wondering if I could please have some help!!!

After I have installed and set up eyerything, I open the avermedia software. Every camera view is showing a green screen. The cameras are still detecting motion but not showing the view.


Here are all the specs I have. I have also updated all drivers for everything and have the latest versions of the software installed aswell.


Running: windows 7 enterprise 64 bit

Gigabyte motherboard: GA-B250M - HD3

Chipset for motherboard: intel B250

CPU chipset: LGA1151

2 x mv6480exp cards ( holding 16 cameras)

Avermedia nv6000 software version,

8gb ram (dim4)

HDD: 5000gb (on 5 seperate hdd)

Graphics card: GFORCE 9500GT with 4gb ram

All analogue cameras





I have tried installing and uninstalling things, everything that I think it can be. Any advice or help would be really appreciated as I am at my wits end with this!!!


Thanks in advance


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Possibly a bad card. I have an NV6480 that had really fuzzy scrambled multi color windows for all analog cameras, but perfect video for IP cameras. Perhaps you should try an IP camera and see if it works with that. Or better yet, swap out the NV6000 card if you have another one and see if it is a hardware issue.

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