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Looking to buy outdoor wireless IP security cameras

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Hi, I am looking to buy and install likely TWO outdoor wireless IP security cameras. I have some experience with security cameras but it’s been a while.


Two big issues are 1) I want a security camera from a company who takes the security of the cameras themselves seriously. The security cameras I currently own have NEVER offered a firmware update to the cameras in a good 10 years that I’ve owned them and that can’t be good. So I want to learn about companies that offer reasonable security for the software that operates the cameras. And 2) It appears that most cameras now are POE (power over ethernet) but I have a far easier time getting power, say 12 or 24 volts for a supplied power supply (meaning I have outdoor 120 volt outlets nearby into which I could plug a camera’s power supply) than I do getting Ethernet to those locations.


So who builds a good outdoor camera which is both reasonably secure and is powered from a power supply and is NOT POE.


I am leaning toward a Dome camera because I’ve used them in the past with good success. But I could be talked into something else. I would like a good PTZ camera with good night vision capability over maybe say 50 feet or so. I don’t have a spec on how much zoom I would want it to have but I’m open to suggestions.


Bottom line is are there good companies who build outdoor wireless IP cameras (versus POE)??? Dome??? Or aimable in some other way???


And I would likely mount these cameras under eaves on our home but I would also like to entertain the idea of mounting cameras on say an 8 to 10 foot pole with some sort of outdoor camera weather cover because I have a couple areas out in the yard where I have outdoor power outlets nearby.


Your thoughts?? Any help would be much appreciated. thanks..

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You want a wireless outdoor PTZ camera? Look at this one. http://www1.dahuasecurity.com/products/sd22204t-gn-w-3771.html

It meets most of your needs, sees IR lighting but doesn't have it. When you want quality ptz with wireless, you severely limit your choices.

A few thoughts;

1. Wireless is not a good idea for security cameras. They will sometimes let you down right when you need it, due to interference.


2. If you mount a camera with ir lighting under the eaves, you might get ir reflection causing the camera view to look foggy at night.

Mount it close to the edge to avoid thaat.

3. If mounting on a pole, make sure the pole is strong and steady. Windy conditions will drive you crazy with sway.

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1. Forget wireless. nothing but a problem!!

2. Have you considered TVI? No IP hassles. Less headaches. You can still access the cameras remotely thru the DVR (if equipped).

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