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New EZVIZ System

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Bought this system here from Amazon last week:

EZVIZ Outdoor 1080p Video Security Surveillance System, 4 Weatherproof HD Cameras, 4 Channel 1TB DVR Storage, 100ft Night Vision, Motion Detection



Set this system up on a rural piece of property that already had 4 cameras and a DVR in place. Tried to make our lives easier and avoid running any new wires by just buying another DVR with standard BNC connectors. Installation went fine, instructions were clear just mounted the cameras and got them all running on the new DVR with existing wires easy-peasy.


As mentioned before, this is a rural piece of property about 45 minutes outside of town, so the user needs primary access on his phone as well as PC at home.

So we began trying to view the live cameras and/or alerts on his phone while we were out there and it was very slow in loading, the percentage would get up to 70%, drop back down to 30%, error out, sometimes it would take multiple tries to even get the app to play the live video feed of just one video. In the 'Alerts' you have a Playback button you can press to view a video, and 9/10 you get an error. If you do get the video to play it is extremely jerky.


We chalked this up to being out in the middle of nowhere and having bad reception on our phones, but I've realized even on the best of internet that is just the "nature of the beast" of the app. Well... As any reasonable person with common sense would guess.. Being a rural piece of property 45 minutes outside of town internet options are not too excellent, we are talking about 1 mbit or so maximum. I know that is not enough to broadcast even a live stream of 4 1080P cameras.. But I have heard that with some DVRs you are able to stream at a very low rate to overcome the challenge of slow internet, it does not appear that EZVIZ allows for that.


Aside from the bandwidth issues, the EZVIZ DVR has quit for about 10 mins to an hour on 3-4 different occasions in just the past 48 hours. No idea what is up with that.


My question is this. Right now I have someone that has dropped $225 for a system that is barely even able to stream live in any regard. Does anyone have any experience in setting up a system for a low bandwidth/spotty internet location such as this? Would you take the time and send this entire system back or cut your losses on the DVR and buy a good 8 channel, 4 camera + DVR system that you know would work better?

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See if the recorder has a channel 0 .if so ,this channel will place 4 cams on 1 channel which you can also set a lower bitrate and a slower frames per second .this channel is used for slow weak Internet connections .

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