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Need help recover deleted or formatted videos restore?

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I do not know myself well. I have in my shop several monitoring records which are stored on a certain plant or hard disk. 2 Tb has the hard disk.

I do not know exactly what model it is, so I attached a few attached pictures.

I would have to contact the manufacturer, because one of my employees has deleted a monitoring period, and would like to restore this.

Who is the manufacturer????




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what really matters is whether or not new footage has been recorded on top of the old deleted footage. Lots of hard drive recovery software out there if the footage was deleted and not overwritten. If the DVR has continued to be used, it may be too late.

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The very best recovery software that I have used is called "Active File Recovery", dont get the "Active Partitions Recovery" and the later one only recovers partitions not files.


You can either purchase "Active File Recovery" or torrent it, its your choice, but it works really well.


Based on the images you have posted, it seems you have a DAHUA based DVR based on the menus you showed. "EDVR"? that sounds to me like a Dahua based DVR. These DVR's seems to be recording in a FAT32 partition table and the video files are regular .avi's or sometimes if not you rename them to .avi the file extension and then it will playback with any media player on your computer and in your computer you MIGHT have to install K-Lite Codec Pack if you get a codec error/cant play while attempting to play back these videos.


So, once you install Active FILE Recovery, and having attached the DVR's SATA hard drive to a SATA to USB adapter you will select that hard drive on Active File Recovery, select to search all supported file systems (NTFS, FAT, FAT32, ExFat, EXT, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFS, HFS+, and so on and so on) basically select all file systems to look for data and then perform a "Super Scan" which in other words, is a sector by sector surface scan.



Immediately stop recording, turn off the DVR, you are overwritting data on the hard drive, including potentially data that you might want to recover, so lets say your hard drive is too little and gets filled up within a week or two and you have waited a week or two before turning off the DVR, well its too late, your data you wish to recover has been overwritten, but if you have a very big hard drive with optimal settings in your DVR (reasonable FPS like 6 FPS under a Reasonable bitrate like 2 mbps for full hd or 1 mbps for D1/960) then on a large hard drive it would take up to 30 to 60 to 90+ days for it to get filled, in that case the likelyhood of you having overwritten your critical data you are trying to recover within a week or two week time span is low - you are pretty much purchased a lottery ticket where your odds of winning is about 90%, a 90% change of getting back the data intact).


All in all, good luck with your data recovery endeavor.



This will keep your DVR not recording while you have its hard drive taken out and performing the surface scans with the data recovery software. Unless you purchase a new hard drive and if the existing hard drive already have like a year or two in operation it could be almost upon time for you to buy a new hard drive anyways as a potential hard drive failure could be around the corner as you are reaching the hard drive manufacturer's Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) average calculations (the average the manufacturer SPECULATES the hard drive might fails after writing amount of TB's of Data on it and/or number of hours of powered on operations)

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