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Need Android App for PCI Card System

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Super Live IPC Version 1.1 (Peng Antai) worked great for many years of remote viewing on the android phone with my Swann PC DVR-4-Net PCI card.


The phone needed a factory reset and now I can't find Super Live IPC Version 1.1-- and it's the only app that worked for this PC based system? The newer version will not work, I've searched high-and-low to no avail.


Anyone know where I can find this? Or, can anyone suggest an app that will work for remote viewing?



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Hi. You might find that a app called pocketcloud will be better for you



Thanks Tom. That's a remote desktop controller, right?


That's basically what I'm using now, a different app called Teamviewer which is a very good app it's just a little cumbersome compared to the app I'm looking for or any other CCTV specific app.


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