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Another Time Lapse + Multiplex Tape Issue

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Alrighty, I've got a 24 hr time lapse tape with 16 cameras on it. I don't have access to the original multiplexer, and I most probably will not be able to purchase one. I need to examine 2 shots on the tape, so currently I'm using our time-lapse recorder to scrub through every 16th frame to see the shot I want. I have the capability to capture the tape to an AVI or whatever format I choose, is there any demultiplexing software that I could use to seperate the shots? Or another method to try?

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So, I decided to capture the tape to the PC and am skipping through to the frames I want to view. Once I reach the frame, I make a cut. I repeat, and use the 'skip to next cut' function to move through the frames I've selected. Better than using the deck to scrub, but still taking forever.

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