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Morning guys,


I have been using these to get HDMI signals into vaults ect where I can't get a normal hdmi cable to make the tight bends (the hdmi connector is to long to make the bend but un-terminated cat6 goes pretty easy)



During storms this weekend a customer called about one of his monitors going out and that the adapter felt warm to the touch. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Could it have been a power spike?


Also is there anything else that you guys have used that may be a good replacement in the even I have more go out.



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I have always used a powered HDMI extender over cat5/6 some require 2 cat 6s but The range is greater and have had no problems with monitors up to 200 ft away. depending on brand they are not that much more. I just looked up one that went 164 feet was powered, used one cat 6, and is about 40.00

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