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CM6700-MXB2 Local keyboard power issue

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Greetings everyone,


I am a long time lurker, first time poster.


I bought a used Pelco CM6700-MXB2 matrix switcher and a KBD300A keyboard controller. The keyboard does not get power from the local keyboard port. My first thought was a power supply issue, so I opened the unit up and tested the power supply, fuse, and capacitors, and everything looked good. The keyboard RJ45 jack was not outputting power on any pins so I assumed their wasn't continuity somewhere but upon further investigation the port is not wired for power at all!


There is only 4 of the RJ45 pins connected to the ribbon cable (1&2, 7&8) which according to the CM6700 documentation is the TX+ TX- and RX+ RX-.


All of the CM6700 manuals I have looked at say the local keyboard port pins 3 and 4 should provide 12 VAC power for the keyboard.


This CM6700 also does not have a remote keyboard terminal block at all, unlike all of the ones in the manual.


I am confused and thinking this is a 1st generation CM6700 that doesn't have documentation online, or it was custom made for some project and can only be controlled by the com port or something.


Has anyone ran into one of these matrix switchers? I would greatly appreciate any insight on this unit.




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