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general cms software?

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a few years ago I bought 5 wifi security cams from china via amazon. they use something call general cms software. this sw loses the picture and i often have to restart sw several times a day. so, I tried to contact the seller on amazon and lo and behold.......they are gone. amazon was no help and basically told me...tough luck.


anyway, ive been trying to locate a newer version of general cms. this latest version I have is General_CMS_V3.1.0.5.T.20160612.


i will also try anything that might work ( i have not tried anything other than general cms)

would appreciate any help




ps... 3/5 cams is too far from the router and goes through a wifi extender. these 3 cam are usually the first to drop picture

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Although they are wifi, would they also have a port for a cable hook up. If you can't get the wifi thing working might look into wiring. Also, before using range extenders, what type of wireless router are you using and what range does it have? You might change the channel on the router, might make it's range further.

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