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Rate this surveillance system?

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I found a company that deals with alarm systems. https://cspalarms.ca/monitoring/ They're based in Toronto and has extended their services to other regions. I'm a bit skeptical about ordering from them despite having talked to their security specialist. He also explained clearly why most burglar attempts are discovered only after they have looted households - because the alarm systems aren't loud enough. He stressed on the need to have annoying alarms (they only go off once a while unless you live in an area with really high crime rates). They even have a 16 channel DVR system. I wouldn't be needing many cameras and I'd probably opt for the standard one.


I'm not willing to conduct a trial and error experiment. So before I proceed any further, could someone rate them on a scale of 1 to 10? (I'll order if 8 and above).


PS: Would be better if you have experience using their services.

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Hi. State of the art system as they state on there website.


720tvl was in 2011 No ONE installs analog anymore.


Did you even ask who makes it


Ask for a link to there dvr app see how that is.


Up to now I give them a 1

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Thanks for taking the time to check it out and respond. Let me see if I can get any more information.


1 out of 10 sounds harsh.


Harsh. Selling you old analog dvr and your saying I'm harsh.


Harsh or saving you money from buying an old system


Do moe homework

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