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New on the forum and wondering about hacked DVR

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My names is Frank and im from Mexico (english its not my first languague sorry) i work on a coffeshop and my DVR has been hacked twice, the ip changed to a strange one, not the local one i set, and the cam's names also changed to stuff like (hacked, firmware, upgrade instead of usual cam1, cam2, etc) I already change password but i want to know, is there a way to prevent it for happening again. There is a worker here who brings his laptop and he maybe tampering but im not sure. I read on some websites that with the dvr ip, ports and tools like hydra they can crack your pass and hack your dvr. Hope you can help a guy here, thanks and glad to be here.



btw, my dvr is lorex

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Hi. Are you using a ddns service and how was it setup.

Lorex run through flir services but if that was not done on setup then it’s not protected.


But hacked...... it is not as simple as just changing passwords ... once hacked it’s the IP address that keeps the gate open.


Change ports and all passwords and also the static ip.


To make lorex even more secure ..... under network log only allow authorised users and IP and click block un authorised



But I would setup via flir services ...... p2p handshake is via flits own server. (Not dahua) and US dased



You need to wipe router of any existing recorder networkings and start again

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