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Thoughts about generic/compatible HID 26 bit proximity cards

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I am thinking about switching to a generic card because they are so much cheaper. Does anyone have experience with these "generic" cards and have thoughts about them? They are DOLLARS cheaper per card than genuine HID cards.


Here are some I found:


Valuprox from http://www.idwholesaler.com

identiv and schlage from https://www.proxcards.com

alphapass from http://www.alphacard.com


Anybody with experience with these or any other generics?


We use standard 26 bit proximity, H10301.


Thanks in advance for you help!

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A 26bit 125kHz Wiegand card is what it is. Doesn't matter the brand. They are all the same. Do you print on them?


That could be the only issue is printing inconsistency with the lower priced cards.


If your system will accommodate multiple facility codes you should be good.


This card format is super easy to clone so many corporations have moved away from them.

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