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Qsee DVR Remote connection issues

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I have a QT5680 dvr which does not work remotely very reliably.

For the past 3 years I've contacted Qsee support and all the setup is good, has the latest firmware.

It will work occasionally, but most of the time it comes up with unable to connect message.

I have the same problem from my mobile device using the QT View Classic app.

I have been looking into upgrading my DVR only not the cameras and the wiring as it will be too much work.

But before I upgrade I need to make sure which DVR has a reliable remote connection.

Anyone have any suggestions.


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Hello. You might want to make sure that you have eliminated any internet connection issues before you invest in a new DVR. An internet speed test performed over a few days at different times a day could help make sure your internet connection is adequate and reliable to maintain a DVR connection.

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Thanks, I do have good internet speeds however since you suggested it I think I will connect another device to this ethernet port to make sure it is stable.

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