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Wiring Help - Wiring a Door Operator to a Washroom Kit

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Hello everyone. I need some wiring assistance with hooking up an Entrematic HA-8 door operator to Camden Door Control Washroom Kits WEC10 and WC11.


They come with drawings...but I can't seem to figure it out (links below):




I'm just down and out and I really need help on trying to wire this thing up for an angry customer. Any help is appreciated.



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Links don't work.


Please explain what your trying to accomplish.


Do these restroom doors have a latch on them?


Try this link, and scroll down to "Resource Center" > "Manuals" > Then download "WC-11 Wiring Diagram" & "CX-WEC10 Wiring Diagram" - those will be what I tried to attach:



I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have a building code that says a building must have (what they call) "A Universal Washroom" (or a more simplified term "Barrier Free Washroom". So you will see grab bars, automatic faucets, auto hand dryers, and my case an automatic door - but not just your regular automatic door. It will have a push to lock button, and emergency button, with alarms, electric strike, and push plates for door activation.


I'm trying to learn/figure out how I wire it up properly based on the links I tried to attach.


To answer your question - yes they latch into an electric strike. If the push button is pushed the strike releases. Not sure if I've summed this up properly.


Thanks in advance.

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Lets talk about the WC-11 first.


I assume this will be your application?


Yes sir in conjunction with the WEC10 and a Entrematic operator.

Now this whole wiring diagrame makes no sense to me because I don't know where to get "12/24 VCD Power", "12/24 VCD Power for Strike", and how to connect "12/24 VCD Power for AF-500 to the occupied light (which is an AF500)


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You will need a power supply probably not supplied.


Is your electric strike 12 or 24v?

Fail Safe or Fail secure?



Fail safe and 24v.

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Ok so every thing will work with 24v DC.

You need a 24v DC power supply 3-4 AMP should be fine.


Don't try to overwhelm yourself.

Just address one thing at a time.


Inside and outside buttons look straight forward. Push to lock button is straight forward. Door contact is easy. Strike looks fairly basic.

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