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Need Advice for Pulling Long Distance Camera

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Hi Guys,


Newbie here and I am sorry in advanced since English is not my native language.


I am handling a project that requires to place cameras that about 1,000 - 1,600 feet (300 - 500 meter) away from DVR.

There are at least 8 cameras that are in this distance.


Usually I'll use IP Cam + P2P Access Point in this kind of design.

But, the owner is a quite insisting in using cables instead.

I have never tried to pull this much of cable distance.

Now, I'm a bit concern that the image quality will be poor or worse, just pitch black.


CCTV Camera specification will be,

- 2 MP Resolution

- 12V DC


I've read that video balun can help in my case.


Please, enlighten me.


Thank you.

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Have you heard about EX-SDI?

We tested the system in our Lab. Up to 700 meters, no problem on RG59 cable.

Check out eyenix.com who probably can introduce to you, camera makers

and DVR makers.

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It will be more cost effective to use video balun with Cat5e cables, we did installation for almost 1800ft (approx: 600m) with Analog camera, it works well, the only thing you may need to do is to provide power with adaptor next to the camera. Video signal through Cat5e can go that much distance, but the power didn't go that long. Therefor, you need power plug next to camera and put in 2A adaptor for the camera. In reality, total cost of Cat5e + power cable is not much cheaper than using IP solution. If you can convince client in such a way, choosing IP solution will be better solution for it.

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