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Night Owl CMS Crashes

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Just bought a Night Owl system


and the software [Night Owl HD CMS] keeps crashing

I contacted their technical support and they wanted me to download the latest - I had the latest (same revision number) - but when I told their tech that, I was told the new one had patches (then why was it the same rev number? -)


then he wanted me to try another computer - its not like I have unless resources and go buy another computer to be a software tester for these guys.


I got no where - I could not me more disappointed with this purchase


anyone have any ideas why v1.2.03 keeps crashing under macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

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Hello. It may be a permission issue on the Mac's internal hard drive. If it keeps crashing even after making sure the permissions are correctly set for the app, try installing the software on a USB or external drive connected to the Mac.

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